Acceptable Computer Use

Adopted by the Board of Regents 08-28-2008

Revised: 07-01-2011, 03-26-2015
ALSO SEE Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2500

Subject to Change Without Notice

As an institution of higher learning, the University of New Mexico encourages, supports, and protects freedom of expression as well as an open environment to pursue scholarly inquiry and to share information.  Access to information technology (IT), in general, and to the Internet, in particular, supports the academic community by providing a link to electronic information in a variety of formats and covering all academic disciplines. The computing and network resources, services, and facilities of the University are limited and should be used wisely and carefully with consideration for the needs of others.  As with any resource, there is a possibility of misuse. In an attempt to prevent or mitigate such misuse, this policy outlines proper and improper behaviors, defines misuse and incidental use, explains rights and responsibilities, and briefly reviews the repercussions of violating these codes of conduct. 

The University of New Mexico provides computing services to University faculty, staff, students, retirees, and specified outside clients of the University and periodically to visitors and guests. These services are intended primarily for furthering the education, research, and public service mission of the University and may not be used for commercial purposes or profit-making. This Policy is applicable to all individuals using University-owned or -controlled computer equipment, communications equipment, data network (wired and wireless), storage devices, and computer-related facilities, whether such persons are students, staff, faculty, or third-party users of University computing resources and services. All University policies including, but not limited to, intellectual property protection, privacy, misuse of University equipment, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, data security, and confidentiality shall apply to the use of computing services.