Services for Students with Disabilities

Reasonable accommodations are made to all qualified students, employees or prospective employees, unless such accommodations fundamentally alter a program or service or place an undue hardship on the operation of the University. Qualified employees or program users with disabilities should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). Qualified students with disabilities should contact the Accessibility Resource Center. The University of New Mexico is committed to the recognition and the proactive pursuit of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as well as the ADAAA amended in 2008.

Accessibility Resource Center (505-277-3506), Mesa Vista 2021.
The Accessibility Resource Center provides a full range of academic accommodation services. A student seeking academic accommodations must provide documentation of their disability and meet with a staff member to determine reasonable accommodations. University policy regarding academic adjustments is found in University Business Policies and Procedures 2310.  Adaptive Equipment and Software is maintained by Accessibility Services for student use within the department, classroom, or computer labs as needed.

Departmental assistance for students with disabilities
Admissions (505-277-8900) will assist students with disabilities in completing their admission application.
Bookstore (505-277-5451) assists students with disabilities at the customer service counter at the entrance.
Cashiers (505-277-5363) will assist students with disabilities at Cashiers window # 8.
Excel Adaptive Fitness Program (505-277-0178), Johnson Center 1102,  Recreational Services provides recreational opportunities for disabled students, faculty, and staff. These programs provide for the development of skills in recreational and sports activities. Eligible participants are offered an access card for easy building entry into the accessible dressing room areas.
Exercise Therapy (505-277-5151) is a class (PE-NP 188) available for anyone unable to participate in other physical education classes. The individualized course is based on a physicians' prescription. An aquatics program is also available in the therapy pool.
Financial Aid (505-277-8900) will assist with application paperwork.
Housing (505-277-2606) provides accessible housing students with disabilities in UNM residence halls and Student Family Housing.
Information Technologies - IT (505-277-4848) offers work areas and software to provide easier access to its computer services. All of ITS’ facilities have computers with detachable keyboards, and some facilities have adjustable-height work areas. Macintosh equipment in all facilities offer screen magnification capabilities for visual disabilities. The IT pods have screen reading software available as well.
Library - Zimmerman Library houses the Alice Clark Room. It is a specially designated room housing various assistive devices facilitating and promoting the use of the UNM University Libraries' collections for patrons with special needs. Among the various devices in the room, are computer workstations that provide a graphic interface to the LIBROS Online Catalog and the Internet as well as software programs for use by individuals with visual disabilities. Lockers and storage areas are also available in the Alice Clark Room for qualified students with disabilities.
Office of Equal Opportunity (505-277-5251), 609 Buena Vista NE, serves to ensure all students, faculty, staff, or prospective applicants receive equal treatment under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 in matters dealing with employment, program access, or reasonable accommodations.
Parking & Transportation (505-277-1938) provides disability parking throughout campus. All individuals with disabilities using UNM Disability Parking are required to have a state-issued disability-parking placard. Please contact Parking Services for additional rules governing accessible parking spaces.
Recreational Services (505-277-0178) Johnson Center 1102 are available for individuals with physical disabilities and designed to provide recreational activities for all at UNM.
Speech and Hearing Sciences (505-277-4453) 1700 Lomas NE Suite 1300, provides services to UNM students and people of all ages in the community. Services include evaluation and treatment of communication disorders such as stuttering, language delays, speech defects, accent modification, voice disorders, aphasia, & hearing impairment. Graduate students under the supervision of fully accredited speech-language pathologists and audiologists provide services. SHS accepts most insurances.
Student Employment Office (505-277-3511) will assist in finding employment.