Posting Policy

Posting Policy

Student Activities Center

The University of New Mexico prohibits placing posters, flyers, chalk, art, or other items at any time on permanent University structures such as buildings, utility poles, fountains, works of art, refuse containers, and trees on campus. University policy also prohibits staking displays, tents, signs, or any other items into the ground. Posting with glue or adhesives is prohibited. Displays painted or posted improperly will be removed promptly by maintenance crews. The persons or organizations responsible for the posting may be billed for removal and repair. For questions about posting on campus, please contact the Student Activities Center at (505)277-4706 or


CHALKING is allowed on sidewalks which are exposed to weather and foot traffic where chalk will wear off in a short amount of time. Only non-permanent sidewalk chalk is permissible. Liquid and/or spray chalk, art chalk, charcoal and paint are not permitted. Chalking is not permitted on any permanent University structures or unexposed sidewalks, vertical walls, or under balconies or overhangs. Chalking is also prohibited within fifteen feet of the entrance to any building.  Chalking is not permitted at Lobo Village.

DISPLAYS posted or installed improperly will be removed promptly by maintenance crews. Any extraordinary expense will be charged to the persons or organizations responsible for the damage. Displays may not be attached to/alter any University structures, campus art installations, trees or other landscape, alter traffic patterns or block access to buildings, ramps or roads or disrupt regular University functions.  Art projects and general display must be pre-approved through the Art Display Form (under Special Events) at and have an outdoor space reserved through, if needed.  


Inside Postings:
Posting inside of campus buildings may be done with the prior approval of the office in charge of the area. At no time should postings be in violation of the Facilities Management Policy.

Outside Postings:
Flyers may be placed on the kiosks and are cleaned off once a month. Flyers may be posted at any outdoor area on campus consistent with the orderly conduct of University affairs, the maintenance of University property, and the free flow of traffic and persons. Efforts must be made to avoid litter. Any expense incurred by the University for clean-up will be charged to the persons or organizations responsible. Materials shall not be forced upon others; excessive hawking or shouting at persons is prohibited.
DO NOT post on light poles, bollards, buildings, trash cans, campus art installations, vehicles in parking lots, trees or other similar structures.  Items are not allowed to be staked into the ground and posting with glue or adhesives is prohibited.


Persons violating any of these rules may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct or the Visitor Code of Conduct. Violations by faculty or staff will be referred to the appropriate department or academic unit. In addition, violators may be subject to an order to the leave the University property and/or arrest for violation of the State law(s).


Questions about posting on campus should be directed to the UNM Student Activities Center, SUB rm 1018, .277-4706.

UNM Posting Areas

Many areas require a departmental stamp on all postings, Please check with department office before posting. North Campus also has bulletin boards and kiosks available for posting.

Anderson School of Management

  • Bulletin boards around building entrances and outdoors

Anthropology Building

  • Bulletin board inside main entrance

Art Building

  • Bulletin Board in main hall of 2nd floor
  • Bulletin Board in main foyer on 1st floor

Carlisle Gym

  • 2 Bulletin Boards inside main hallway

Center for the Arts

  • North Entrance (across from the SUB) – downstairs, bulletin board by water fountain and elevator
  • North Entrance (across form SUB)- upstairs to 2nd floor

Communication and Journalism

  • Bulletin Board on 2nd floor by the west entrance and in the east hallway

Dane Smith Hall

  • Bulletin Board inside near south main entrance
  • Bulletin Board at Bus stop

Johnson Center

  • By the Administrative offices

Kiosks on the Mall

  • By the fountain, on the North SUB Mall
  • By the corner of the Humanities Building. and Ortega Hall
  • By Art Building west of Woodward Hall

Marron Hall

  • Bulletin Board by entrance

Mitchell Hall

  • Bulletin outside east entrance
  • In main hallway on the first floor
  • Outside the west entrance

Other Bulletin Boards

  • Chemistry Building, Clark Hall
  • Psychology Building, Logan Hall, west and north entrances
  • Geology Building, Northrup Hall, by rooms 114 and 126
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, kiosks inside
  • Ortega Hall by west entrance
  • Social Sciences, inside front entrance

Woodward Hall

  • Bulletin Board outside and south
  • Bulletin Board inside south entrance