Use and Possession of Alcohol on University Property

See also: Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2140: Use and Possession of Alcohol on University Property

Date Originally Issued: 03-21-1997
Revised: 08-02-2004, 12-01-2006, 09-21-2007, 01-01-2008, 06-01-2012, 03-08-2016, 12-12-2016

Authorized by RPM 2.6 ("Drug Free Environment")

Process Owner: Associate Vice President, Student Life

The use and possession of alcohol is prohibited on University property, except as authorized in this policy. For the purposes of this policy, the "use" of alcohol refers to the possession, service, sale, or consumption of alcoholic beverages. This policy applies to students, student organizations, faculty, staff, University departments and other units, and visitors. It applies to property owned, leased by, or operated by the University and to all events sponsored by the University or its units. It does not apply to property owned by the University and leased to others, unless it would otherwise apply.

The University recognizes that alcoholic beverages are legal commodities that may be used responsibly by persons of legal drinking age. The University also recognizes that alcohol use may lead to significant individual and societal harm.  This policy is intended to reduce alcohol-related harm while allowing for the legal, safe, and responsible use of alcohol.  The University also recognizes that diversity of opinion and freedom of choice are the foundations of institutions of higher education, and that the use of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age is a matter of personal choice. Individuals who choose to use alcohol on University property in accordance with this policy must comply with state law and University policies and procedures, and conduct themselves responsibly, mindful of the rights of others.