Intellectual Property Policy

See Also: E70: Intellectual Property Policy

Approved by the Faculty Senate 2/23/99 and the Board of Regents 6/8/99.

Revision of entire policy approved by the Faculty Senate April 27, 2010; approved by the Regents September 14, 2010.

In the course of conducting their University-administered activities, the faculty, staff, and students often create intellectual property that may be protectable by patent, copyright, or other means. The University wants a policy that encourages the treatment of such property in ways beneficial to the creators of such works, as well as to the University and to the public. To these ends, the University and the creators should assist each other in identifying, evaluating, protecting, and exploiting such property. Such efforts will also help in recognizing the creation of intellectual property as a significant academic achievement. 

Accordingly, this Policy seeks to recognize such achievements; to provide advice and assistance to faculty, staff, and students; to promote a clear understanding of legal relationships; and to realize and optimize the benefits of potentially valuable intellectual property to the creators as well as to the University. A feature of this Policy is to encourage creators to perform key roles in the utilization of intellectual property.