See also: Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2100: Sustainability

Date Originally Issued: 06-01-2008
Revised: 05-15-2015, 07-08-2017

Authorized by RPM 3.1 ("Responsibilities of the President")

Process Owner: Associate Vice President for Institutional Support Services

The University of New Mexico recognizes its profound relations with other entities both near and far; past, present and future.  The University encourages a diverse campus culture that harmonizes UNM’s sustainable goals of environmental protection, social equity, and economic opportunity within the context of its education, research, and public service missions.  The University aims to improve performance in all areas of operations thereby meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the prospects of future generations.  In all activities present and future, the University shall develop systems to manage environmental, social, and economic wellbeing with specific goals, objectives, priorities, processes, and milestones by which to verify performance.  This policy applies to all University property and activities, including branch campuses.