Graduate Student Resources

Academic Advisement
As a graduate student you will be participating in designing your own curriculum. However, each department has a designated graduate advisor and its own listing of required courses.


Financial Assistance
Financial Aid Office (505-277-2041), Mesa Vista Hall North.
Information on loans and work-study for graduate students is available. To receive loans or work-study, students must have a complete financial aid file.
Graduate & Professional Student Association - GPSA See Listing in Student Government
Graduate Studies Fellowships and Assistantships Inquires are made at Graduate Studies (505-277-2711), Humanities Room 107.
Scholarship Office (505-277-6090), Mesa Vista Room 3020
Various Scholarships and grants are available to graduate students. Departments will have additional information on scholarships and grants offered in specific fields.
Research Office (505-277-6128), Scholes Hall 327.
Provides assistance finding and securing grants and funds for graduate student research projects.

Tutoring Services
(505) 277-1407
Mesa Vista Hall Suite 1057
The GRC provides academic and professional support to graduate students through peer consultations, workshops, writing camps, and related services.  We also provide graduate school application support to undergraduates and alumni.

Graduate & Professional Student Association - GPSA, See Listing in Student Government.

Graduate Studies (505-277-2711), Humanities Bldg 107.