Graduate Student Resources

Academic Advisement
As a graduate student you will be participating in designing your own curriculum. However, each department has a designated graduate advisor and its own listing of required courses.

Financial Assistance
Financial Aid Office (505-277-2041), Mesa Vista Hall North.
Information on loans and work-study for graduate students is available. To receive loans or work-study, students must have a complete financial aid file.
Graduate & Professional Student Association - GPSA See Listing in Student Government
Graduate Studies Fellowships and Assistantships Inquires are made at Graduate Studies (505-277-2711), Humanities Room 107.
Scholarship Office (505-277-6090), Mesa Vista Room 3020
Various Scholarships and grants are available to graduate students. Departments will have additional information on scholarships and grants offered in specific fields.
Research Office (505-277-6128), Scholes Hall 327.
Provides assistance finding and securing grants and funds for graduate student research projects.

Graduate & Professional Student Association - GPSA, See Listing in Student Government.

Graduate Studies (505-277-2711), Humanities Bldg 107.