Academic Support Services

Advisement Centers
General Academic Advisement
- University Advisement Center (505-277-2631) University Advisement and Enrichment Ctr, Rm 105
- Office of Graduate Studies (505-277-2711) Humanities Building, Room 107
Departmental Advisement
- Anderson School of Management (505-277-3290) ASM Building Ground Floor, East Wing
- Architecture and Planning: (505-277-2903) Arch & Planning Building 120 (George Pearl Hall)
- Arts & Sciences: (505-277-4621) University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 135
- Dental Hygiene: (505-272-4513) Novitski Hall 204
- Education: (505-277-3190) Travelstead Hall 134
- Emergency Medical Services: (505-277-5757) Innovation, Discovery and Training Complex
- Engineering: (505-277-4354) Centennial Engineering Center, Room 2080
- Fine Arts: (505-277-4817) Center for the Arts, Room 1102
- Law School: (505-277-2146) Bratton Hall Room 2020 (North Campus)
- Medical School: (505-277-3414) Basic Medical Sciences Building, Room 107, north campus
- Non-Degree Students (505-277-8900) University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 105
- Nursing: (505-277-4223) Nursing & Pharmacy Building, Room 152
- Pharmacy: (505-272-3241) Nursing & Pharmacy Building, Room 188
- Pre-Medical: (505-277-2631) University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 105
- Public Administration: (505-277-1092) Social Sciences Building, Room 3022

Books and Lobo Items
UNM Bookstore (505-277-5451) 2301 Central Ave NE.
The UNM Bookstore offers new and used textbooks along with any supply and general book needs you may have. The bookstore offers a variety of ways to purchase books and supplies for your classes for your convenience. Store hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Visitor parking is available in parking structure northeast of the bookstore.  Parking validation is offered.
Lobo Den (505-925-1580) The PIT Arena (Corner of Cesar Chavez and University Blvd).
The Lobo Den is a great place to find the Lobo clothes and gear that you need to show off your pride!  Hours: Non-Game Weekdays - 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Game Day Weekdays - 12:00 p.m. to End of Game.  Game Day Weekends - 90 minutes before tip off to End of Game.
Medical and Legal Bookstore (505-277-5827) 1001 Stanford Ave NE (Dominici Center Building).
The Medical and Legal Bookstore offers new and used textbooks, Office and School Supplies, Medical and Nursing Instruments, Scrubs, Lobowear, Gifts and More!  Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the first Saturday of the month.
UNM West (505-925-8665) 2600 College Blvd, Rio Rancho, NM.
Hours vary, please call for times.

The online catalog is the UNM’s primary, comprehensive single source of departmental, college and university-wide information related to academic programs. Courses, degree programs, and policies that govern progress towards completion of a degree are described in the catalog. Students are responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of the catalog they are following. The catalog provides a broad spectrum of course information in a consistent format.  Prior editions of the Catalog are available on their website.

Computers and Electronic Accounts
Information Technologies - IT  (505-277-8125) 2701 Campus Blvd. NE.
IT provides computing and data communication services and support for the all communities at UNM. Basic computing services are provided without charge to the individual student.  Information about services, accounts and computer pods can be found below and on their website.
Computer Pods and Classrooms are located in the Communications and Journalism Building (Rooms 124 and 134), Dane Smith Hall (Rooms 140-144), Economics Building (Room 1004), Engineering and Science Pod Building (Rooms 107 and 108), IT Building (Room 1001), Johnson Center (Room 1114), Mitchell Hall (Room 116), Science and Math Learning Center (Room B59 and B81), Student Union Building Lobo Lab (Room 1012). Hours vary for each pod.  For more information, click here
NetID (Email) Accounts Student NetID accounts provide the basic tools for academic use, class work, electronic mail and access to online campus-wide services. Enrolled students must have a computer account on IT’s shared systems to access important services. Accounts are activated and edited here
Support Center/Help Desk (505-277-5757) For quick assistance with computer and account problems.

Continuing Education (505-277-0077) 1634 University Blvd NE.
Individuals interested in courses and services offered through the division can obtain a course catalog by calling or accessing the website at Continuing Education offers advisement for certificate programs.  Student discounts and UNM employee tuition remission are available for some classes. There is free parking at the UNM Continuing Education office location.
Business and Computers (505-277-6038) These courses specialize in professional development, certification programs and information technology. Classes include AutoCAD, computer skills, web programming, web design, graphic design, digital and media arts, project management, leadership, real estate and finance.
Online Training (505-277-9360) Self-paced, high quality courses. You will need a computer with internet access.
Personal Enrichment Program (505-277-6320) Classes are held in more than 50 off-campus locations including Westside and Rio Rancho. Classes include aquatics, art, cooking, communication, crafts, hobbies, film, health and relaxation, home and garden, language, photography, and writing.

Diversity Programs
School of Engineering
Freshman Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Summer Bridge Program (505-277-0346) Tapy Hall 222-C
Evening and Weekend Degree Programs (505-277-0896), Dane Smith Hall Room 220
The University offers over 1000 evening and weekend courses leading to 40 complete degrees, from bachelors to doctorates. Currently, nearly 12,000 students take evening and Saturday classes at UNM. Check their website for majors and concentrations and the course schedule for this program.  For those who can't enroll in traditional daytime programs, the Evening and Weekend Degree office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
For more Diversity Programs, go to the Cultural, LGTBQ and Gender Resources Page.

Exchange and Study Abroad Programs
National Student Exchange Program (505-277-3361)  University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 280.
NSE offers UNM students an opportunity for educational travel and study at 185 participating colleges and universities across the United States. Participants must be full-time students with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 who will have completed two semesters prior to exchange. NSE students pay full-time tuition to UNM before leaving for their host school. Expenses for room and board , transportation to and from the host campus, and incidentals are the responsibility of the exchange student.
Study Abroad - Global Education Office (505-277-4032)  Mesa Vista Hall, Room 2111.
The Study Abroad Office in the Global Education Office assists students, faculty and staff interested in international study. They also coordinate several international programs including Fulbright Grants for students, staff and faculty, the National Security Education Program grants for students, and the Gilman Scholarship Program. UNM offers direct international exchange programs with some 75 universities in 25 countries. Applicants must have completed 2 semesters at UNM, be full-time UNM students, and have a 3.0 grade point average. Some international universities also have language requirements for study. Exchange students pay regular UNM tuition and are exempt from tuition at the host universities. Most types of UNM financial aid can be used to attend overseas study programs. Exchange programs in Spain, Mexico, and Latin America are sponsored by the UNM Latin American and Iberian Institute in cooperation with the Global Education Office. UNM also offers summer language programs in a number of countries and special summer session courses overseas. Staff at International Programs & Studies can also assist in finding programs sponsored by other universities in every part of the world.
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education - WICHE 
WICHE offers residents of 15 western states an opportunity to study disciplines not available in their home state. New Mexico participates in several of the disciplines offered through WICHE Professional Student Exchange.
Western Undergraduate Exchange Program - WUE
The WUE program allows students to enroll in designated two and four year public institutions in other participating states at a special, reduced tuition level.  To obtain an admissions application, contact UNM Office of Admissions at 1-800-225-5866, 505-277-2439 or via the web here

Online and Distance Education (505-277-8128) 
UNM Statewide provides courses and programs in many subject areas and disciplines via convenient technologies and in various locations around the state. It maintains field centers located in Farmington, Gallup, Hobbs, Kirtland AFB, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Taos, and Valencia. It also oversees coursework delivered online, through instructional television, & via correspondence.
Correspondence Courses (505-277-1604)  Independent Study through Correspondence offers academic credit courses in a flexible, convenient format to earn college credit at home. It is an ideal alternative for distance learners who cannot attend regular class offerings.
Instructional Television - ITV (1-800-289-4617) Extended University provides select courses for students at television reception sites throughout the state. Off-campus students can enroll in these classes and can gain credits toward degrees, complete degrees, or improve work skills. Upper-division courses are offered toward the Bachelor of University Studies degree, in Public Administration, in Educational Leadership and in other areas as available. Engineering courses are also offered through ITV.
Online Courses (505-277-8128) Online courses are completed electronically from a computer with internet access. Any student on main campus or at a remote site working around the limitations of schedule or location is encouraged to examine online offerings as a way to advance his or her education. Online courses and programs are offered from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Anderson Schools of Management, the College of Education, the College of Nursing, and the School of Engineering.

Honors at UNM
Baccalaureate Honors
Designations of cum laude (3.5-3.74), magna cum laude (3.75-3.89), and summa cum laude (3.90-4.0+), are awarded to UNM baccalaureate level graduates who have earned at least 60 hours in residence and the cumulative grade point averages listed above. Honors designations will be printed on the diploma, the Commencement Program and the student’s permanent record. Scholastic Achievement Honors are automatically awarded. It is not necessary to apply for this category of honors. Only first baccalaureate degree candidates are eligible for graduation with baccalaureate honors.
Departmental Honors
Departmental honors are honors received by graduates from their specific schools, colleges or departments. Not all departments offer departmental honors. Those graduates who think they qualify for these honors should check with their department regarding requirements and awards.
University Honors Program (505-277-4211) 
University Honors is an innovative program rich in challenge. It provides interdisciplinary education to students from diverse academic areas, ages, ethnicities, experiences and goals in a small seminar setting. Students are encouraged to play an active role in their learning through discussion and debate with faculty members, guest lecturers, and other students. Incoming Freshman must have a GPA of 3.5+, an ACT score of 29+ or SAT score or 1860. Current UNM Students who have a 3.2 minimum grade point average and have completed English 101 may apply to the University Honors Program. The University Honors Program offers interdisciplinary seminars with emphasis on individual study, participation and self-expression. Honors seminars do not duplicate other UNM courses and may be used to fulfill group requirements or electives in the various colleges and departments. The program also offers extra-curricular activities, including lectures, informal conversations with Honors faculty and guests, field-based seminars in Mexico, Spain, and Australia, and advisement about graduate school fellowships and scholarships. Upon completion of program requirements, the Honors distinctions awarded at graduation for University Honors are cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude.

University Libraries includes Zimmerman Library, the Center for Southwest Research, Fine Arts and Design Library,
Parish Memorial Library, and the Centennial Science and Engineering Library.  On north campus there are the
Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center and the Law Library. For more information about UNM Libraries click here.
Centennial Science and Engineering Library (505-277-9100)  Engineering Complex
Center for Southwest Research (505-277-9100)  Zimmerman Library
Fine Arts Library (505-277-9100) Architecture and Planning Building, 4th Floor
Health Sciences Library and Infomatics Center (505-272-2311)  Health Sciences Complex
Law Library (505-277-6236)  1117 Stanford NE
Parish Memorial Business & Economics Library (505-277-9100) , Graduate School of Management Building
Zimmerman Library (505-277-9100)  East of the Duck Pond

Lobo Web 
Lobo Web is the student registration and information system maintained by IT and the Registrar’s Office. Students log-in to complete course registration, make schedule changes (drops, adds, etc.), complete admissions, view financial aid, interact with student accounting, see their grades and more.

Special Programs Office (505-277-3096) 1921 Las Lomas NE.
Special Programs provides support to students who may have faced barriers in pursuing higher education. Through various programs, the office provides skill building workshops, tutoring, assistance securing school funding, a computer lab, academic advising & other student support. Info on the following programs can be found on their website.
The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, Title V, Student Support Services, The Research Opportunity Program, The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), The College Enrichment Program (CEP), Summer Bridge Program, High School Equivalency Program (HEP) and many more.

Testing Center (505-277-5345) Woodward Hall Basement, Room 140-C.
The Testing Center coordinates and administers standardized tests, placement test and offers proctoring for distance education learners.

Center for Academic Program Support - CAPS (505-277-7205)  Zimmerman Library, 3rd Floor.
CAPS offers a variety of academic support services, free of charge, to students. One-on-one tutoring is provided for most undergraduate courses and for study and library strategies. Students may make appointments at the CAPS reception area or by telephone. In addition to the one-on-one tutoring, walk-in services are available for algebra, calculus, chemistry, and physics classes. The Writing Center provides tutorial instruction for students writing papers for any undergraduate course. English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors are also available in the Writing Center. Other services include workshops, study groups, supplemental instruction sessions and many online services. CAPS tutors participate in a nationally certified training program that emphasizes tutoring and content area skills.


UNM Graduate Resource Center
(505) 277-1407
Mesa Vista Hall Suite 1057
The GRC provides academic and professional support to graduate students through peer consultations, workshops, writing camps, and related services.  We also provide graduate school application support to undergraduates and alumni.